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If Belgium is not you final destination then TAXI2AIRPORT.BE can provide you with a transfer to one of his neighbouring countries like the Netherlands, France, Germany and Luxemburg which are only a stonethrow away.

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With Brussels National airport being one of the top airports in Europe, it is a main hub for incoming and outgoing business travelers to Belgium, or even one of his neighbouring countries.Belgium also has three more charter dedicated airports in Charleroi, Liège and Ostend who serve holiday tourist destinations in Europe and beyond. Furthermore the country can count on an extended railroad network, with the Brussels South Midi station as it’s crownjewel, a main stopover for many national and even international trains like the Thalys and the EuroStar.

For many visitors is Belgium, both multicultural and multilingual, easy to get around because of the short distances in between different places of interest, a country full of hidden treasures like Brussels with his breathtaking "Grand Place"; the canals of Bruges also known as the Venice of the North ; hunting for diamonds in Antwerp, city of Rubens; wandering around medieval Gent or even visiting some castles and the peaceful countryside of "Les Ardennes".

Booking your transfer on TAXI2AIRPORT.BE is simple and very straightforward. First you will have to get a price quote by entering information in the first two steps like for example airports , postal codes , name of a city or town, trainstation or even the hotel your staying at. In step number three just indicate the number of passengers and press next for the system to generate the price quote for oneway, return and urgent transfers (within 12 hours). By pressing “Book now” in the appropriate box you will enter the booking form. Once the form completed and send you will receive a confirmation e-mail that your booking request has been accepted. Once the booking has been assigned to one of the many providers in our network they will personally inform you of additional information needed like where to meet, pickup times, contact phone numbers etc etc. in order for everything to smooth upon your arrival and/or departure.

TAXI2AIRPORT.BE is also available in other countries like the Netherlands, Germany, Austria, Italy, Portugal and Belgium among others. If any of these countries is your origin or destination please don’t hesitate to CONTACT US so we can book your transfer request there as well.

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